Tuesday, June 26, 2012

He doesn't notice

The boy seriously doesn't notice that he turns into little Mr Super-Jerk-Poopy-Pants when he plays video games.
The boy thinks we are twisted, mean, rotten and cruel for not allowing unlimted use of video games, Ipads, and other electronic devices.
Essentially it is call "Fantasyland" These kids dwell in it almost all the time. We are looking at a major meltdown because we took the Ipad away. The worst of it is, I am starting to feel like I am not using good sense with him....all this arguing about electronics makes me really sympathize with Madonna who doesn't allow it in her house. It makes sense and I am still Pissed that I let my cuter half talk me into letting the boy play those darned video games.
If i had my way we never would have wasted money on it.
Who listens to me, I am too old fashioned and what do Mom's know anyway.
I should know by now to stick with my gut and my gut told me NO video games. I didn't like them and I didn't want the boy to play them
Yeah yeah, would've, should've and could've don't mean anything.


  1. Methadone. Start substituting real board games. You can wean him off it. Or even better, when antisocial behavior occurs in the real game, address it calmly an firmly. Extinguish the undesirable behavior in your presence. That is the best you can hope for.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, although I think we will stay away from the drugs. :-)
      Your suggestion of real board games is a really good idea and extremely do-able. Thanks for contributing!

  2. A job in a video game store might cure that!

    1. It might, and it might give me a drinking problem....just kidding.
      I think the boy's Aspie OCD might kick in and he would never be able to break out of the video game mold....
      Your comment reminded me of when I worked in a bakery. I can't stand sugar cookies and I absolutely abhor frosting (disgusting stuff).

  3. Meeting new people with similar interests, easy to begin conversations, strategies, a little pocket change, store mgt-who knows-it takes everyone to make the world go round-sounds right up the alley for a video game lover! Everyones dream is to love what they do!

    1. Agreed, but when the thing someone loves is detrimental to his other relationships. Treating people terribly after having time doing playing video games is where we draw the line.
      The boy has other interests and he has to stop sticking on the video games and remember the other things he likes to do. IT is a tough thing....and store managers are great people. However, I don't think this would be a safe alternative for him (or anyone around him).


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