Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Being appreciated

Most of the time it is nice to be appreciated. We all like being or thinking we are being appreciated by our family, friends and anyone we run across.

The boy has a problem with his perceptions of appreciation. Much of the time he tells me that if I really loved or appreciated him I would do absolutely everything he wanted 100% of the time. Not only did that remind me of some people I know it made me think several things. The most important was, " ARE you kidding me?" This sounds like several situations I have been in and why I refuse to allow the situations to happen around me any longer.....

I think that appreciation with the boy will start in small ways. I use myself as an example (not a perfect one so don't go there). I try to say thank you to the janitor, the waitress the vet tech, receptionist, ....the people with jobs I would rather not do.....and appreciate the fact that they are doing that job, doing it well and still seem to be pretty happy about it.

What I have noticed over the years is that most people don't appreciate much of anything.

I have heard that some people believe that there is a current age group that doesn't appreciate anything....although I don't know that to be true there are times when I wonder about the boy. People tell us he is nice and polite but get him home and he is a demanding, sometimes I assume that he is just being typical (it is all I have to go on so bear with me). Most of the time it is fleeting, like a ship that passes and then other times it seems to be a little more longstanding ( nagging about getting video game rights back -uh, NO).

With that in mind, teaching appreciation is kind of like teaching someone common sense or good manners. It is as simple as a please or thank you....or a good job. It can be as loud as a trumpet, or soft as a kittens greeting.

Sometimes things have to happen for you to feel appreciated....sometimes it is something at home, with family, or it is something that went right at work, or school. OR it is just having a kitten or a friend want to hang out with you.....for me right now it is a kitten sitting on my printer. Garfy is helping me write, and stop and pay attention to important things like him.

The other thing is being mature enough to know appreciation, good manners and resonable hygene. All of which needs done....and hasn't happened yet.

I know, give it time.

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