Sunday, June 10, 2012


Isn't this just classic?

It is SO EASY to say yes and go with the best brightest funnest thing ever.

I love saying no.

The boy goes to resale stores, garbage picks and rummage sales. He finds great stuff and is happy to share with his friends if they are interested.

What is sad is when he asks me this question, "If I see someone who thinks my stuff isn't good enough I should just ignore them right?" Yes. He should try to ignore the negative.

His stuff is good enough.... his TV isn't new....his VCR is one he bought himself and owns outright. He paid for most of his personal possesions and the games he has collected. He doesn't need new....he is happy with what he has.

Although it is hard. I REALLY want to see a chiropracter for my neck pain.....we can't afford it. And you know what, it is reasonable that we cant' afford it. Me making an appointment to go was unreasonable and being stupid....that is what neck and back braces are for.
But seriously. half the problem most of the kids have are the kids who NEVER EVER hear NO. Or the one's who have gotten an award because everyone did. THOSE are the kids who have missed out, are not able to function and have to freak if someone tells them they are doing something wrong.

They quit too soon...I was taught to go back and do it over until it is done right. Same with the it over and do it right and man up and stop whining.

SAY NO- it is exhilerating....try it.

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