Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wrapping my mind around it.

You think you're in the movies
And everything's so deep
One of my fav bands has almost always been the Cars. Ric Ocasek is way beyond cool.

Oddly enough, as much as music was a part of my life, jumping around my bedroom listening to WLS; the boy isn't into it. He will listen to the 80's station and knows some of the songs but music isn't major to him. He knows what I like, and he knows what his dad likes, but the overall concept of listening to the radio while doing his homework or enjoying some concert on TV (when he isn't grounded) is not part of his deal. there were songs that meant something to me, even the Imperials or Dion.....going to see Randy Stonehill or Larry that was a concert. Larry Norman was amazing in concert. Bruce Springsteen, Iggy Pop, The Prentenders, U-2 all of them had a song or two that I could sing and knew just by the first few notes.

The boy, not so much. He whistles a song his grandpa taught him when he was know it is funny, he hadn't whistled in years. The boy was doing it the other evening looking for something and I remembered my dad used to call him the could hear him coming because it was always the same tune.... I never thought about it but when we started doing the med thing, and the supplements and stuff the whistling went away. I did/have missed it.... now it is back it makes me wonder if making changes in med makes changes in the brain and the parts of the boy that are a little more " creative" are stifled.....which is sort of sad, but then creative can an Aspie get before it starts going overboard?

ANYWAY, I wonder if the boy realizes how much he misses by not having a favorite song. He had several once. He had foot surgery once and was listening to Micheal Jackson's Rockin Robin and playing his video game....and whistling. the doctor told me later that she was singing "Rockin' Robin" all afternoon. later he told me that wasn't his favorite song but it helped take his mind off what the doc was doing and when I tried to explain that enjoying music in that kind of situation is what makes a song was still much to abstract for him.

When the boy was younger, I was too tired to listen to the radio. I was too tired to move. Getting up at 4 AM, working, taking him to his speech, OT or PT and then coming home for dinner. It is amazing I was able to be upright. Then bed by 7 and do it all over again the next day.

Now it is different. We do a lot of hurry up and waiting around. Mostly for him. And the thing is, it is quiet. No radio, sometimes the cuter one watches TV....but very little music playing. Sometimes I miss it. Most of the time I don't but every once in a while....a good bought of REAL MTV with the classic V-J's and Duran-Duran or some other band being all artistic and cool....wouldn't it be nice to have something like that....going to a friends house and thinking they were awesome because they had cable.....back then I was easily impressed I suppose.

I wonder sometimes if I had played more music for the boy if he would have had different inclinations. Maybe not, but there are times when it would be fun to have a full blown concert in the family room....lots of music, lights and maybe a bubble machine.....

If nothing else we would get a good round of cardio going and not be stress eating ......we would be too tired to move....

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