Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I want

to write about would be really bad.

I mean really awful....some of what I would like to say....well it would be worse than bad.
And I really believe it and I really want to say it.

It's not productive, helpful or necessary.

BUT if I did would make me feel really good for a very short amount of time. Actually maybe longer than that....

The sad thing is, ignorance is encouraged, taught and accepted. That is what makes me mad. It's taught at home, at school, and at other times.

There is little or no compassion outside the home. It is days like today I almost wish we hadn't taught our kid to be nice. He should be as self absorbed, annoying and rude as the next kid.

He's not.

I don't like to encourage or teach hatred. But I do hate ignorance.
Telling someone they are a looser because they are different than you is ignorant. It is ignorant if they are a different race, creed, morals, belief, or even disability than what you think you are.

The bad thing here is that I REALLY want to make fun of someone's name. I REALLY DO I have a really good one.
I can't do it. First off, it sets a bad example. IT is definitely immature and I know I am better than that....but it is a really good one.  I might be able to let it go when I am not so pissed off.....but it really is a good one.....I do come up with good ones once in a while....

Nope, not gonna do it. The cuter half will get all over my butt if I do... so let's watch a movie....or at least a clip....

Enjoy the clip from Aladin:

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