Monday, November 7, 2011

It's another day

And we are deciding what to do.

Right now we need another art class. Just one more. We can't seem to locate one- I still haven't heard word one from the boy's counselor about WHAT he could take. Ergo I am preparing for the worst (No art teacher will take your son as a student).

At this point I am considering the homeschool option. The no child left behind, to me, is a crock of poop. It means, to me, that there is no child left behind but you had better not step out side of that damn box you are put in because if you do we will smack you down so hard it will make your head spin.

It would be one thing if the boy had a modicum of talent in art. His muscial ability are on par with mine (negligable at best) and his other artistic abilities are questionable. If he would apply himself he might be pretty good at it. I know I could teach him how to draw or paint; but his inability to listen to anything I say makes homeschooling a terrifying option. If we did do this it would mean doing the homschooling at night....totally NON traditional but that is the point of homeschooling right?

Blech! what am I saying? Desperation makes me a little whacked. although if the cuter half thinks it is an option....which we have discussed....I do have the books here that we could have the boy make a complete study of some artist....and maybe design something from the books.....Oh heavens, I am I actually considering a lesson plan? UGH. I am so not mentally ready for this kind option.

Our thoughts on the boy are going to be contingent on how he does this year. the cuter half and I are pretty worn out. I've said that before. but it is true. Thinking about this art option has demoralized me like you wouldn't believe. Seriously, you would think that someone with an art background would be accepting....most of the ones I know are (good grief they put up with me don't they- they are pretty decent sorts). Then you throw in the school requirements and it is almost like some of these people (NOT the ones we know) loose their minds or ability to think outside the box.

Give the kid a chance; he might have some reasonable or decent ideas. He is smart....he can read my art books if he wants to....I have a copy of Monet in the 90/s that is still in decent shape. SO he messes up a canvas...he has no ability to design a pin.....who cares, the point in art is that "Everyone has artistic talent," sayeth Jeffery Thompson (those who went to college with me remember him- one of the BEST teachers I ever had). IF I had a link for him I would put it in but can't seem to locate anything on him....

ANYWAY, what this comes down to really is being able to step OUTSIDE the boy's diagnosis and have people accept him. I haven't seen that part coming and frankly I see the DIAGNOSIS as the disability NOT the disability itself.....that is something that is used and worked with to his advantage. OR should be.

Unfortunately, people get hung up on labels, like people want you to have your masters or doctorate but really you need to be good at what you do and not worry about those things as much....but then you get people who are hung up on the LABEL....and not what the degree really means.

Stepping outside your box.....missing the stepping stones....looking at what is around you instead of the label that is in front of you....that is what is huge.