Friday, November 4, 2011

Being motivated

For the last week or so i have struggled to be motivated to write.
I haven't felt like it.

Sometimes the daily struggle to exist with the boy is not something I care to discuss or even think about. The drama is overwhelming. I recently had someone ask me to write about forgiveness. I haven't forgotten. I haven't been able to write. I think I would compare it to writers block but not just in one venue but in others too.
I need to finish my scrapbooks and my other stuff and I just haven't been able to get the pictures, words or anything together to make it a story in a book. I had been going thru some OLD pictures and putting them with postcards, and papers having it all correspond and tie in.
The thing is, it kind of relates to the boy. I would like him to be all organized and tied in. He's not. Life's not and well, I'm not either.
The boys wanter is stuck, his organization is minimal and his comprehension is busted. Otherwise we are good.

Actually, our kitten, little Garfy is great. He can almost purr on que now and we are getting kitten hugs much more regularly. He thinks he is a cutie...although he is pure kitten weight when sleeping on the bed. No moving this bad boy.

Like his human pet brother, Garfy shows signs of Aspergers. The boy has been letting his Aspergers out of his bedroom. I don't know if it is because he lost his bedroom door (almost a permanency) or if he is lost without cable) Did you know you can block stuff on WiFi during certain time frames....OMG the boy can't watch tripe because it is ALL BLOCKED. we have delt with a lot lately and although I am not discussing it I will talk about the other stuff.
The issue of going on a field trip and getting blown off by classmates. God we can't get him out of HS fast enough. The kids are brutal....they were awful when I was in HS and they are worse now. As a parent it is painful. The boy texted us and was pretty much alone all day. He was crushed. I pointed it out to his teacher who made it sound like he was in a group. He wasn't.....funny she didn't know, she was "walking all over the zoo that day".

We know he isn't the most popular kid; but he is nice. If one of these gens would at least make a SLIGHT effort they would have a friend for life that wouldn't judge them. He has one friend that likes to come over regularly. We are lucky, and this friend is great. But this person can 't fill up all the time, they are busy. He is lonely, and he is reaching's not working. It's sad.

This is a glurge about how ONE small action could affect another person. I wish there could be one person like that for the boy. He had one last year and they graduated. Now there isn't anyone there...for him anyway.