Tuesday, November 15, 2011

But I don't want to (language alert)

We hear that a lot. Not just from the boy. From grown adults.

Tough beaners.

Actually the cuter half and I would rather have it all out and open than not. We have a teacher coming to us during our busiest time of year and recommending that the boy do some extra stuff at home. Now if she had mentioned it when we had the time it would have been fine but we don't have the time now so telling us to do "x-y-z" is kind of like telling us to go shoot ourselves in the foot and then do "x-y-z". The cuter half believes that it means that the boy won't be able to do what the plan is next year. The best part is we ASKED during parent teacher conferences and everything was fine (WTF).

Oh and the girls don't want the boy talking to them either. Ever. In any class in any situation.
How we are to stop that one is beyond me. I think the professionals at the educational institution will have to handle that one. OR maybe the girls need to get overthemselves. I've seen some of these girls on campus and let me tell ya, they ain't so hot. Much too much in the McDonalds department if you know what I mean.....maybe a few more salads would do them good. One girl starts whining and all the others join in....kind of like hyenas after a lion kills the prey.

The other thing going for the kill are the teachers who see a diagnosis of Aspergers and automatically think, "I've been teaching for 6 whole years and I've never seen a good one.This one is dumb too so there is no need for expectations. Those stupid parents are crazy." As I have said before I WOULD NEVER GET THAT DAMN DIAGONSIS AGAIN. IF I did I would keep my stupid mouth shut and NOT TELL ANYONE....so the teachers would keep pushing and not think the boy was too dumb to do whatever it is that he wants to do.

DAMN it I am so frustrated. I would rip some heads off if I could find them to ream on.....

The mission tonight is to tell the boy NEVER to talk to girls in HS again.
This ought to be a good one.

Nights like this I think homeschooling is the way to go....at least the peer pressure isn't there and we aren't dealing with morons with teachers licenses.

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