Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Video Games Strike this Summer

Questionable language in this one- be warned more delicate readers.

Ahhh the lovely summer evenings.

The kids are quiet, the noise is low the hum of an air conditioner/fan/or wind chimes in the background.

"It's not the video games you jerk-ass"

The boy was allowed to play video games for longer than 15 min the other evening. It was the cuter one's idea. I had nothing to do with it and I didn't approve it.

We had guests and from what I hear, the boy played this video game the entire time our guests were here. He has now lost the privilege. The cuter one keeps giving it back. I don't agree with this and I refuse to be dealing with them any longer. I keep saying, "It all goes" Unfortunately, like almost anything else in this house I am not listened to.

As per usual the video game downfall happens after unlimited usage. Using shampoo, soap and other toiletry items goes out the window after a bout of video game playing. The cuter one has been told that the systems are leaving the house or I will make the systems leave the house. Normally when I get to this point I have absolutely NO PROBLEM getting rid or things. Tossing in the garbage is normally a favored option; frankly it doesn't bother me one bit. If the cuter one is smart (which he is) he knows that these things had better GO AWAY before I get ahold of them and MAKE them gone.

Most reasoning ability is decimated after playing video games; the boy gets stuck repeatedly. The wanter goes into major over drive. The term "selfish poop" comes to mind. Most Aspies are pretty single minded anyway. They are taught compassion and how to think of others. This is UNLIKE narcissism. With narcissism, the person is all about themselves (or their interests) and unable to learn how to think of others and their feelings. Most Aspies can learn compassion; and they can learn how to get unstuck. The boy has problems getting unstuck after playing video games. I have found that I lack patience with him getting stuck on the games and therefore the game systems are quickly disappearing throughout the house. Parts go missing and are not replaced.

The worst of it is the boy doesn't get that he has issues with his wanter getting stuck, his lack of compassion, his inability to think clearly after playing the blasted games. He doesn't see that it is the video games and that being around him AFTER he has played them is intolerable for anyone and the cuter one and I are completely sick of it.

NO I am completely sick of it and there is very little regarding this particular issue that I will tolerate any longer. In fact, on an annual trip the video games were played, at a restaurant/bar and completely left alone at the residence......he didn't even ask to get the systems out although I know for a fact he brought the games with him.

Not only did the video games strike, I put them all on strike as well.

Don't mess with a Mom who has been called a "jerk-ass" - it doesn't bode well for anyone involved.