Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hell hath no fury

like a Mom who discovers that her Asperger's son has noticed that a teacher put him in a "special group" with a "safety teacher".

Excuse me?


There are some teachers that should take their little licenses and high tail it out of here. I am quite FURIOUS over this situation. Because of my "anger issue" the cuter one had to take this one on. Besides the fact that my civility is language might be worse.

There are few times when my Irish gets the best of me. This is one of them. Although I think the cuter one handled this appropriately I think this teacher had better get her head out of her butt and actually learn to do her job. Hopefully there will be SOMETHING done about what she did to my son and her little "Asperger's group" will be expanded to include herself and her insecurities about having a student on the spectrum in her classroom.

I am still dumbfounded. Excuding a student of my son's abilities because of his Aspergers? SHE has NO IDEA the fury she has unleashed. Although the cuter one has told me to calm down.....I am so angry right now....HOW MANY OTHERS HAS THIS THING DONE IT TO??? Who does she think she is? Overpaid....obviously.

Get thee into training thou lazy no good creature.