Sunday, August 28, 2011

Being helpful

The boy is being helpful.
It started when we got back into town. I don't know if he is turning over a new leaf or finding that life is so much easier when he tries to assist with home projects. The other day he was helping me shop. We had NO food in the house, maybe this was a two-fold assist: if he wanted to eat he had to shop  with me to get the food for us to eat.

Then he realized that his dad, the cuter one, was exhausted and decided we needed to make dinner. He chose hamburgers, with pasta and white cheese sauce and fruit. Really pretty good choices and he started the burgers around 4, and tried to time it all out....didn't do too bad but would have done better without my help (I am a lousy cook).

What I am getting at is that he helped/

He also pointed out a potential issue in one of his classes. I burst a cork.....technically I had a hissy fit. I understand why they did what they did. Students on the spectrum and others are likely to be taken advantage of  and in this class they get stuck doing all the clean up cause the kids are kind of jerks like that. It happens. The boy normally doesn't complain but he doesn't like getting stuck on clean up detail very often. SO the teacher thought it would be better to have a separate group and then have the kids in that group work on the project and still get to do ALL The jobs. Makes sense but looking at it from the OUTSIDE....well it doesn't look so hot.

The boy told us he didn't like it much and he was uncomfortable with felt odd.

Well yeah it felt odd. He doesn't realize that having Aspergers is being disabled. We tell him that he has to have his Aspergers work for him not him working for his Aspergers. That means he works harder, trys harder and does harder stuff than most people. Many teachers don't understand that in THIS house if he uses the "I have Aspergers I can't" phrase he gets grounded for a month.

THere is no excuse for doing his absolute best- he does and it shows.

This week he did ALL of his homework....we have NOTHING to work on this evening AND he has completed helping around the house AND did the laundry without being asked.