Monday, August 22, 2011

A new year

This summer was much different than the last.
First off a lot of stuff happened. Then nothing happened....then MORE stuff happened.
Now we are at the day before the first day of school. I remember back when the boy FIRST went to school. I had done solo at an IEP meeting. I had been so "discombobulated" by the experience I went to a restaurant ordered some coffee and a dessert and ate it for lunch while reviewing the paperwork. I sat there for a LONG time trying to process what had just happened and the realization that the boy was going to go to school at such a young age really began to sink in.

Now he is in HS. We are looking at colleges......but really a very limited number are able to work with kids on the spectrum. I am concerned. ________st has a program but it isn't really for college credit but the kids get the college experience. I don't think that is the right placement for the boy although I do think it is a credible program. ___U has a good program; but I think the campus is too far for him. He wants to go there but I think he should stay home for a bit yet. I think we are looking at 2 particular places and the thought is overwhelming to me. I don't know if he can manage.....I think he may, I hope he can but the not KNOWING is very difficult. I know, have faith, God will provide and all that. Yes he will, and there are times when as a parent you need to KNOW....maybe more answers will be forthcoming this year.

Maybe the L-Carnitine is helping? We tried it for 2 weeks and I am noticing MORE mature discussions coming out of him which is highly unusual.....but it could be my wishful thinking or maybe the boy is growing up. He is so helpful these days...which is a nice change.....he also wants to help and has been very good with the requests today. SOme mild frustration but we are doing well as of right now...