Friday, September 17, 2010


This is a huge topic in our house. The feeling of security, the basis and the facts.

Our son has anxiety issues, some of this stems from the insecurity he feels regularly. This can stem from feeling weird about a school project to being generally unhappy about not knowing if he has friends at school or just common teenage angst.

Today's drama was about not bringing a certain book to school. then the insecurity because kids were throwing goldfish crakers at him and telling him to break his diet and get fat again. (Nice) As a parent we have to encourage our kids to "be nice to everyone", "play the game" and "just get along". Frankly, some of the gens I have seen I would never allow my son anywhere near them. They are annoying little berks.

My son has no interest in hanging out with people out side of a small circle of friends, his small group and his house group. Oddly enough, he will go to football games and he loves his sports seasons. He told me once that he did want to play football but doesn't any more. I never asked why, but maybe because he is insecure and might think he isn't any good at it...DK.

My other security thing is about finding a job. Thus far interviews and job things are not forthcoming. I get the fact that work is work and there isn't any. I guess that is what made my husband and I decide to throw in the towel and start looking elsewhere for a job for me. I am worried. I don't want to move across the country and leave the boys here at home. Our son can't move until HS is over. It would be impossible for him to do so. It seems like sitting here day after day is just a waste of my time and energy. I go to the classes, the workshops and all that and it doesn't do anything or get me anywhere. I am told htat things are turning around and jobs will be clue what kind of jobs will be forthcoming, but that is OK. My degree in "under-water basket weaving" should come in handy eventually JK.

I wonder what is coming next, I have a feeling that somehting is happening in the "aura" around here but i don't know what it is... guess we will find out soon.