Monday, September 13, 2010

I did it

I got smart with my son's history teacher.

I am so ashamed.
Actually, I didn't get smart with him. I got annoyed. The tone and venue of his remarks to my son's case manager made me mad on her account. What kind of twerp talks to a collegue that way? Apparently, this one does. I called my school hero (I have several over there) and told her I was having a "temper tantrum, hissy fit" over this guy regarding several issues. I admit I am easily confused about my son's homework assignments. I tutor him and there are things that, because I am not a teacher, I don't understand the workings of their minds.

I am not proud of myself at all.
Number one, I know better than to let a teacher upset me. Especially when I have my son telling me that this guy thinks that the pyramids were built by aliens (there it is out there). I think (I hope) my son misunderstood him.

Don't fall over in shock, two blogs in one day, Sorry all don't mean to freak anyone, I just had to vent.