Thursday, September 9, 2010


I suffer from insomnia. Normally I would have it every night when I was working. I barely made it home daily and would crash and then wake at midnight to start it all over again.

Now I get it from school meetings. The one tomorrow is a standard team thing. We meet we talk we mention stuff and then we move on.
I am nervous and can't calm down. It isn't a bad meeting, not about a fight or anything. Just run of the mill garbage and a couple of basic add ons. I am worried though. My son's doc diet has caused him to loose about 20 lbs. He has about 10 more to go and then he should stabilize. What about sports? How screwed will my son be with the weight loss? WE are expecting the worst; which is typical for special ed parents. Seriously how much good stuff do we get to have?

I ahve had a giggle lately. Misconceptions about parents is something else. I live in a land of misconceptions.
As a special ed parent people either think we are "Jus' plain dumb, or don't give a rat's butt." I think this varies and I think it is pretty funny.

NOW that I have started writing I am getting tired. Maybe because I am thinking and my brain hurts? Whatever the reason, this brain storm wil have to be continued at another time.

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