Tuesday, September 28, 2010

busy days

School started and things are more than busy. Our son has had several weeks in a row with painting a trailer in the neighboring town. Hopefully, the paint is dry now and they won't be back. There were about 3 weekends in a row that he painted blue paint on this trailer...the first two weeks it poured rain. Last week there was no rain but lots of cold weather.

I didn't know that boys don't wear jackets around their waists. Did you know that? I was informed that boys carry their jackets if they don't wear them. Who knew? My husband informed me that i am not allowed to tie my son's jacket around his waist again...it is an anti-fashion statement for guys or something. I won't make that mistake again.

We are looking to wrestling season. New year, new team, lots of changes...we may need to get new shoes. I think we are going to have a guy with really big feet. Seriously. He has grown so much this year and we are looking at an advanced routine in the upcoming schedule. It seems like the autism is under control. We need to tweak things but otherwise we are looking at a really great year for our son at church, school and at home.

Homework has gotten itself under control too. It is a real treat to watch our boy do his work when he gets home from school. He takes a break, and then starts up at a specified time. No coaxing or anything he just does it. On Fridays he has been doing ALL of his work that evening so that he can take the rest of the weekend off from it. We never suggested that to him; he came up with it on his own. In fact, the last one, he went out, and prior to that had more than half of the work done. It was amazing. I think I like the new way of doing papers too. There is a great website: http://turnitin.com/static/index.html that has the kids turning in their papers so that they can't copy. It is on account and with e-mail and all that but it is really awesome tool.  I like it because the teacher has the papers right away and he can track what he has turned in and what he hasn't. He is keeping track of his school stuff and we don't have to.... very cool.

He also tells us that there are friends he wants to ask to come over. We told him he could if he gave us some warning. I think there are 2 boys he would like to hang out with so we will see if he does ask them sometime. We think he needs to expand a bit and if he found "kindred spirits" at school that might work out in a positive way. Never hurts to try and open a door or window or two, right?

It is good, at least as far as we know right now. No one has told us different so we will take things as they are.

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