Saturday, September 4, 2010

Roasted red tomato squash.

Have you heard of it? We hadn't until today. We bought one, and the boys made it with olive oil, garlic and this hard as a rock squash. I thought it would be dreadful.
I was wrong.

This whole diet change has made an enourmous difference in this house. The boy is eating all kinds of things; celery root with apples, swiss cheese and pepper. Or the newest fav roasted tomato squash...and then grab your potatoes (made with a lumps and less butter). It sounds like we are eating like kings. We aren't. We are eating NO JUNK. Our son is better tempered, looks better and feels good. He is amazing with the will power; it is there in the cafeteria or at his house group and he doesn't eat it. Blows us away.

Interactively, he hates gardening (what teen doesn't?) and loves his veggies. He has decided to beg his grandpa to grow red tomato squash. I wonder how THAT will go over? His tastes are different than we expected. He is discoursing on having pepper with your celery root and how much better it is. If it is too sweet he says so, there is little or no dessert, or his favorite peanut butter.  With that he has lost more weight than I can husband believes it is over 13 lbs...and the boy looks better than he has in years.

He does his homework with little or no argument, he is working his head off to keep ahead in class. It is hard work.  He doesn't have a lot of patience with me, Mom, but he does apoligize after being a little jerk. There are pluses and minuses. His perceptions are sharper lately. I wonder what he is thinking and how he will react to things. His reactions are much better than I expect. He is slowly becoming considerate and very helpful. He wants to do well.

What do I want? to go to sleep, not have nightmares, and to not overthink anything. Basically asking for the moon, stars and sky when dealing with a teen on the spectrum. :-)

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