Thursday, February 14, 2013

personal space- or lack thereof

The boy is learning about personal space the hard way.

He has been poking me with his fingers. The last time someone did that they almost got decked. I hate that. I mean really hate that to the point that if people do it they should get smacked. My pediatrician (when I was 12) used to poke/tickle me and quietly pointed out to my mom that I had a right arm reflex issue.....I wanted to stop him and I couldn't...he was the doctor.

The boy hasn't grasped that I will do something if he doesn't stop. He just keeps poking me. Repeatedly and often. It is not cute or funny it is annoying
A definition of poking is, belive it or not on e-how:
A poke is a simple motion using your index finger. If you extend your index finger like you are pointing at an object, and then push your finger so it makes contact with the person, you just poked them. To make sure you are not being rude, you must monitor the hardness of your poke. You want to poke a person hard enough so they realize that they are being poked, but not too hard where it cause any sort of pain.
It is good to note that some people who are being poked may ignore you at first, however that does not mean that they are not aware that you are there, they could possibly be finishing an activity, such as a conversation or email, before getting back to you instantly. If you wait a few moments and they have not given you their attention, use your best discretion on whether or not to poke again. Poking, although useful, can be annoying if you are poked constantly in a short period of time.
It is also helpful to realize that not everyone likes to be touched. If for some reason you poke someone and they seem upset by the fact that you invaded their personal space, it would be best not poke that individual again. You may want to use other tactics such as calling their name (if you know it) or clearing your throat. A common polite phrase to get someone's attention is "excuse me."
Another method of getting someone's attention that is similar to a poke, is tapping an individual on their shoulder. This is helpful when the individual is completely turned away from you and the only spot available to touch (appropriately) is their shoulder. Some may say a tap is more acceptable than a poke, but that is up to the individual.

This is a violation of personal space. The boy has never learned that bit- about violating personal space. He gets mad if I say anything to him however tonight I chased him to his bedroom and told him to NEVER do that to anyone again.
It is a violation of that persons space.
It is mean.
It is manipulative.
It is rude.

And the boy is going to have to learn not to do it or a lesson will be required to be taught to him. I don't think  he will like it much.

Oh and Happy Valentines day.

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