Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I have a secret.
I am not telling you or anyone what it is.
It could be money, future, traveling, life, material things, a new pet, a new room or new house, a new car, a new something.
It's a secret.

(It's a good one; a really good one)

I am not gonna tell you what it is, until maybe after it has happened; if at all.

For right now, I will let you guess.

Good guess but Um, no, that's not it.

Nope, not that either.

UnUh definitely not that....

Keep might think of it.

I am having fun with is amusing me on a night where good TV is not so good and I still need to hem some things.
This secret game is maddening to someone like the boy.
It brings him outside his comfort zone.
It's good for him....he learns to expand. And we have a secret from him too.
Besides, this way people we don't want to know what we are doing have little or no way to find's a secret.

Secrets are fun.
The cuter half and I have a secret....

and we are really enjoying it (No, it's not  ________, either...keep trying) That is the only hint you get.

Lots of good guesses....none are right.

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