Saturday, February 23, 2013

"I think God has forgotten me. "

I wonder how many people have thought the same thing?
We took the boy to a church type function last night. He was nervous. So were we. We dropped him off and came back and watched him interacting while hiding in the car. It looked like it went well.
I've had people tell me God never leaves. He's always right there. I believe that God gives us mortals the chance to learn. Our experiences have taught us that churches may not be supportive, unless kids like ours r thrown in a box and kept there.
I'm afraid to get attached at church so I don't push it anymore and we rarely go.
The boy, is totally not interested, has met w more understanding and compassion w friends outside of church. One person in particular is one of his best friends. She tells him how it is. And she doesn't go to church or believe. But u know what? She is a better Christian than many.
I don't think God has forgotten the boy. I think that God is showing him that there r many paths to God and they all aren't straight or narrow.

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