Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Violent Video Games

I have hesitated to blog since the horrible experience in Newtown, CT.

The misinformation that first came though from the media was frustrating enough.

Then finding out about the video games.
Really violent video games.

This has been a sore point with me for a number of years. I do not allow violent video games. Actually I would be happy to sell off the video games and the components to the highest bidder but I think the boy would have a conniption.

Our history with video games normally have ended up with me getting a black eye or a bloody nose.
In the past we would allow for unlimited use. The boy could play Mario as much as he wanted. The last time he did I ended up with a broken thumb.
Ironically, the cuter half and I did go to a game store and ask to sell some of the boy's games. The girls behind the counter gave each other significant looks when we told them the boy was violent after playing Mario. They knew.

Since those experiences, I have cut off access.
IF the boy gets to play at all it is for less than 10 min intervals, and if he is on the Wii he better be jumping around and moving his body while playing. In other words, "He has to shake it to make it work." Or suddenly there is an instant power outage (yeah I know, I am not above flipping the switch).

Oddly enough, there are plenty of parents who will allow for what I call uber-violent video games. You know the ones, World of Warcraft or Call of Duty, or Beat the shit out of people and there are no casualties.

CNN posted an article that I am linking to here. They hid it in the tech section.
I am copying this part of the article- from the president of a video game chain:

"David Kaelin, president of Texas-based video game chain Game Over, said part of the confusion around the issue is because some parents and other adults only deal with video games once a year, around Christmas.
Kaelin said he tries to help uninformed parents get the information they need, including ratings, before choosing gifts. But ultimately, he said, parents are responsible for keeping an eye on their kids.
"I have two young kids myself," Kaelin said. "For any parent to be able to be involved in whatever your kid's doing, you need to be (educated). You need to know what those things are"
PARENTS are responsible for what the kids play. It isn't the government, it isn't the video game companies. IT's the PARENTS job. Parent need to be responsible; know what they are purchasing and pay attention to what they are doing. 

One way to get the violence to stop is to stop the violent games. Why the hell do we need to see blood and guts splattered all over the video game screen? If life is that boring go learn how to do something new....wasting time with a video game is not going to help you figure out life. IT is a time waster. I have a cousin I respect highly and he once said that he gets caught up with time wasters. Actually I do it more than he does. I am terrible about needing brain loss time....I am very stressed out and I read my books and my i-books more often than I should. Many times I just want to forget or I don't want to think about all the stuff I know I need to do....laundry for one.
This evening, the cuter half and I were discussing the assailant's home; the guns. I am saying here and now I would never have a gun in my house with the boy. Even if he knew how to use it. It would terrify me. I do not believe the boy ever would do anything like that. The assailant's mom had told people she was "loosing" her son, but from what I have read she was traveling the country trying to find a place to put him....she was taking ownership of his future while her son was not. He was playing "Call of Duty" in the basement.
However, with the anger that can show up even with the boy (who is nice, polite and resonably good natured)- why in the world would any parent be so stupid? The anger the boy has can come up at a moments notice. Reminding him to study for a test, making him do his homework....telling him to brush his teeth and was his hair. Tantrums, hissy fits or whatever....they happen. We can see them more so after video games.
During breaks I hide his school i-pad, I delete games ("Oh, Rats. How did that happen? OOPSIE"). I have hidden all of the game "parts" in the house. I know where they are and NO I am not telling you. They are hidden....and the boy, well he is not going to be happy but he is not going to be playing what I call "damn video games" this Christmas are going to go missing. IT is unlikely he will be able to access much on his ipad even if the cuter half lets him have it.....there are parental controls on wifi that are a gift from Heaven. I use them regularly.
Going back to the assailant; why would anyone ever put something like that in a kids way? Even gen kids are thoughtless, forgetful and somewhat stupid. If the assailant thought he was going to end up in placement, maybe that is where officials need to start. It sounds like he was angry because his Mom was going to make plans for her future without him being at home.
I would be a liar if I didn't say that the cuter half and I have thought about doing that too.

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