Sunday, December 2, 2012

managing time

the boy is learning to manage his time.
He is doing his homework, being in his sport, and managing to do everything, see friends and still keep it together.

It isn't easy or fun. For him or us.
Keeping things together is difficult and tiring on too  many different levels.

As for the cuter half and I - this has been an extended weekend.
For as much as we had off this feels like we are going back to work tomorrow and we are going to be recuperating. I feel like I got nothing done. We did a lot, had an IEP, then had another meeting, shopped, cleaned the house, got our ebay going, put up lights, put up the tree, started decorating, got out the holiday plates, put clothes away, cleaned the kitchen....did dishes (lots)....Ok well we did do stuff. I am just tired from all we did then.

I am begining to think that Trouble has the right idea, eat, sleep, play with his carrot, then get brushed then eat, sleep, run about, play with carrot, sleep, eat.......

I am tired thinking about it.

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  1. The boy manages time so well he missed the bus today and still blamed me for distracting him. I informed him it is his job to get to the bus and make certain he has all the stuff he needs to get out there on time.
    Its a work in progress.


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