Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So mad I could spit.

The teachers course description: "Students will examine mass media and its impact on its audience - particularly a teenage audience - in terms of consumer habits, trends in entertainment, and formation of opinions on local, national and international issues. Students will deconstruct and construct media messages to explore them as products designed to not only inform or entertain, but to persuade. Students will illustrate their knowledge of these topics in a variety of ways, including discussions"

The districts course description: "This course is a one-semester version of _______ and________without an explicit connection to sociology courses. This course will emphasize the study of contemporary American literature, analytic reading, and composition. The study of other cultural texts will also appear prominently in the course. This class meets the elective English credit."

The teacher is giving the boy a D and therefore destroying his chances at 8 semester B honor role, his sport season and effing up the ciriculumn for the entire district because the teacher wanted to teach what he wanted to teach and not what the district told him to.

I am pissed.

The cuter half has never ever seen me this angry. At least not recently.

There are a lot of things I want to say. I would like to start cussing a blue streak and not stop. I would like to hit some inatimate objects. I would like to scream myself sick.

I would like to tell this arrogent.....

and I can't.

I have to play nice and play the damn game.

It sucks.

Maybe I will calm down before the IEP meeting and maybe I won't but I do know what I am gonna do if I am given much more crap about this classs....and that is for a later post......

I can't give away all the secrets.

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