Thursday, January 6, 2011

The waiting game

Tonight is another "parent of a jock" night. The boy, he be at a wresting match. Since it was all levels and the Frosh boys team is about 40; well they are gonna be there for a LONG while. So long, that our boy asked for his laptop and the charger to get a paper done for LA. That is a shock, but even better is that it is a paper the teacher forgot to assign them and it is due tomorrow. He has to work his butt off to get it done. Bonus though is that he wants to do it on his own w/out help or the illustrious home editor to take a look and see what is going on.
Although we don't encourage late nights, or the fact that he has to go to school tomorrow and has a test, a paper and, oh who knows what.....I will tell you that there are GOBS of parents that would pay good money for this kind of social interaction. We pay for it though, not thru money, through volunteering when they ask us to; or with buying cookie dough, uniforms, washing clothes nightly, and even the late nights and waiting for the boy to be done at the end of the meet. We shut up and do as the coaches tell us.

I know, me shutting up, kind of an oxymoron. But yes, when it comes to certain things, I have the God given sense to keep my fat mouth shut. I don't have the overwhelming desire to befriend EVERY parent or coach at a meet. I know them by look and who they shout for during the matches. I like them, they are good people. I also have the sense to know we are socially friendly, not best buds friendly. That is OK too. We are in limbo land anyway, The boy is not so much special ed, but is socially inept and is still in need of the supports of special services. He is learning to do his own thing though. The boys seem to watch out for him and support him when he is reading, trying to calm down and focus. He gets beat at matches alot....although now he looks like a jock....he is not confident nor does he have the upper body strength that he needs. He keeps wanting to do free weights and would like a barbell set for his bedroom (that means re doing the WHOLE thing) and well, we are just not ready for that yet.

Right now, we are just going thru the motions of figuring out where we need to go....or where to be. What is he going to do in college, and where. Will it be the local community college, a tiny university nearby, or will we go for a big ole college campus and pray for the best? WE have 2 years to decide....and right now I am waiting for the boy to be done....we all need some rest and to go to bed.