Sunday, January 2, 2011

The night before school starts

I love school. The night before the boy has to go back to school is the best. At lease it is the best for us. He isn't so happy about it.
This particular break was pretty uneventful. The boy was gone most of the time. He had wrestling. I have been working and well, all was quiet on the "Western Front". We didn't have our usual round of parties, we have been sick; there hasn't been a lot of activity. I don't know if that is good or bad. We did find out that we are going to have to bite the bullet and re do the boy's bedroom. His lack of organization is turning a once lovely "IKEA" bedroom into a room where the bed is falling apart, the books are all over the floor and I swear I will break my leg if I go in there w/out the lights on. He doesn't want to "put it away because I will never find it again." OMG maybe if he actually LOOKED for something he might find it. Now there is a concept, yes?
On that note, there is something to be said for the boy being 'bored stiff". Most Aspies don't tolerate being bored very well. Doing so is a time to hunt up video games, cartoons, or other mind numbing tripe. Our boy has lost video gaming priveleges. I know, we are cruel and horrible people right? I am so anti video game anymore I refuse to recommend it as a gift for him. I tell people to find him an unusal cookbook or to find something they think is weird (an ethnic mask or a funky plate; make your own whatever) anything but those dreaded video games.
Our son has the systems....he has the stuff to use and the TV and everything, even cable. What he doesn't have is the right.
The right, you ask? Yup the right, the right to play video games constantly. The right to react "negatively" after playing. The right to be a bloody nightmare berk. You catch my drift?
Yes you do.
In fact, this evening, I duly reminded him that his bed was a privilege and not a right. He could sleep on the floor in the dining room if he continued to act like a little turkey. Sleeping on the floor with no pillow, blanket or comforts is not fun. He did it once before, and didn't like it much. A repeat performance is unlikely as he likes his bed (it is comfortable) and he likes the magnets and the pillows are lovely. I even like his bed, I bought it for myself when he and I were living with his grandparents before his Daddy and I got married. It is a nice bed....
Loosing bedroom rights is not a good thing. It isn't only uncomforatble for him, it makes the parental life a little more complicated.

The other thing I have been thinking over; I wonder what the end of this term and the next term will bring. He is already going to have a schedule change, as he isn't taking Acting class - the teacher told me he would have to repeat the first one and since he is done with F-ARTS I didn't see the point in making him take it again unless he needs a filler (possibly as a senior). Oddly enough, F-ARTS was nothing I ever had to worry about. I was in so much band stuff I could have provided anyone who asked with my extra arts credits by the time I graduated (just kidding). Oh and if you check the links you will find that the only funny stuff out there is really by the British. The rest of it is just mundane....unless we go into classic Eddie Murphy.....but that is just me.
Maybe it is a good thing I am off tomorrow. I need a break and although I have stuff to do and pretty busy all day there are a lot of things that I need to revise. I need to decide what to rid myself of and what to keep....I want to get some stuff fixed. OH and most of all, I think I need to organize my Autism articles I have WAY too much stuff and it is a mess. I love having more time....and we have it because we asked for it and now it was given to us....isn't that great?

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