Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do you know where you are going to?

Do you like the things that life is showing you, where are you going to.....

I was sitting here thinking and that song popped into my head....the melancholy one, where it sounds like it is all over before it began. Oh ugh, that is just beyond depressing.

My husband and I try to stay away from depressing. We laugh as much as we can....even at stuff that isn't so funny.
For example, do you remember the entitlement post I did a few weeks ago? A friend had been having family over and decided to refuse to make the roast beast? There is an addendum to the story. Would you like to hear it? Here we go, yes she refused to make the roast beast (yea for her) refused to have the in-laws dog (aka "Muddy paws") and kicked everyone out before church. I love a happy ending. I know, it doesn't sound happy, but when you look at it another way, she had spent the last 20+ years cooking roast beast, cleaning dishes on Christmas day and wiping up dirty dog prints all over her clean floor. I think I would be allergic too...and my husband and I love animals.....really, we have pets.

To us, this story got a giggle, especially when we are hearing that other people were appalled that the inlaw was upset and that they thought the friend of ours was out of bounds....which she wasn't, she was tired of being the assigned house elf. IT explains why Dobby wanted to be free doesn't it? It does, stop protesting. Dobby wants to be free to pick WHAT messes he cleans up, NOT just the ones he is told to. Just like our friend, she wants to clean her soup dishes rather than muddy dog prints.

Our son is the same way, he wants to pick what he wants to do and how to do it. It is just he doesn't have the common sense yet to figure that part out. In the meantime he is learning what to and not to do. We have to remind him a lot.....and although it is frustrating, we KNOW it is better for him in the long haul.

I read something very sad today. Although I don't know this chick, I like her. She is like me, she trys to hard and she is frustrated with herself and trying to figure out what to do. Her blog today was just heartbreaking to me. I want to reach out but i know that my thoughts and comments would be ignored or rejected. It is OK, I just wish she would get some help; guys are great but there are better ways to handle things. Many times when an Aspie gets going ("You don't love me" "I want this new game NOW" "How could you? I am your one and only son."), we know there are the Aspie abandonment issues, my son has them. The rejection end of it blows, and then you are looking at the overall social stigma of writing about your life online....there are people who are concerned I will write about them....She is braver than I am and she does it ....and has Aspergers too. Many times the guys who don't want to be controlled has Aspergers too....I don't know if her farmer does or doesn't but I do know that she will be OK and come out of her problems stronger. Just like
all of us do.

Ya know, my kitties smell like a litter box. I just noticed. The littlest one jumped on my lap and he just reaks. I wonder if a baking soda bath would help or if dousing him in something would be better? Yet a good reason to keep the pets at home, if they are stinky no one wants them around......I think a good goal would be to be consistent with EVERYTHING in the house and not just the boy. I wonder how long the consistent part would work....let's consistently make the kitties less stinky...that would be a bonus right there.

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