Monday, January 17, 2011

I am not sure what to write, at least right now.

The boy is doing OK but not perfect. There are some issues socially that he has mentioned. Part of me wonders about his maturity, but then the rest of it could merely me percetion alone. The high pitch tone is still part of our lives and that is mildly annoying.....motivation is a problem right now too. We hear that much of this is normal. We wouldn't know, as gens are not part of our least not what we are used to.

Finals season is upon are sports. The next semester is going to be daunting, no fun classes but we are hoping that the boy can get overhimself and try to do the work without a ton of prompting.

we got a report about the boy and a job. Lets put it this way.....very discouraging. He will need a job coach and although the questions they asked him amused us greatly; his answers were even better.....he doesn't know how to fill out an application, he has never had to. Another was that he doesn't have chores, he has too much homework and I said, amusing. OK amusing to us.....we thought it was funny but for us it doesn't take much.