Saturday, January 22, 2011

so many titles so little time

Do you ever bother to think about titles? You know the ones. the job titles, who you are as a person, and what you are doing. Kind of like when I was at home, my title was "Hey, I am a stay at home Mom." Now, I am a "hip person" and later my title could be chief bottle washer.

Kids on the spectrum are given titles too. Not necessarily ones they would like either. Some taunting, and name calling, teasing and generally being dreadful are just some of it. The sad part is that many of the spectrum kids do that to each other. The boy has been called many things. He was told things he liked were "baby" and he needed to grow up....I don't know I don't think Married with Children is baby, nor do I think some of the more "grownup" TV shows would qualify either. NOW I am not saying I am good with that stuff, the programing I mean, but I think that the harsh judgements of others who are in the same boat is really quite sad.

Recently, I think I was judged. Not sure though, and no I never really responded to it. It wasn't that I didn't care, commenting or responding just didn't seem worth it. Maybe it is picking my battles or maybe it is time and we are busy or maybe... oh poop I don't know. Whatever it is, there is a time and season for everything under heaven. If you have ever read Eclesiastes it would tell you so in there.

Friends, except for the old ones (that have known you since you tried to wallop a bully who put a worm down your sweater) are pretty much gonna know your reaction to things. Fortunately, we have some good, old friends....and although I hope my son has the same...he seems to have a core group that really does give a poop about him. It is kind of nice to see. Oddly enough, most of his friends are from school and not church, and thinking about it, the same happened with me. Most of my dearest chums were/are from my educational experiences (yup even marching band).

Another thing, I think that people, places and things adjust. Kind of like family traditions adjust to gains and losses throughout. Recently, it was suggested that my family have a big ole' party for another family member. I was wracking my brains on thinking who to invite; a big party equates old friends, new friends and all kinds of people. After talking about it with the party receipient and my better half (aka my husband) we determined that there really wasn't that many people to ask. Most had died within the last few years and the party person determined that having a party like that would just be too sad to comtemplate. I think it is sad too. I cried after I thought about it. Yeah I know, I am a big wimp, but you know, there are things that are just sad to be congnisant of. I think there will still be a celebration, just not one of significance.....or rather than a big ole blowout.

I think when you realize that time is in a bottle, and it is slowly draining that old Muppets skit; there is something to be said for making the moments last. I should take my own advice and watch tripe with my boys, although most of it makes me unbelievably melancholy.