Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A sense of entitlement.

Yeah, and before the holidays too.
I heard something today, and it bothers me. How many people have a "sense of entitlement" to a parents holdiay tradition?
Here is the story: A woman we know, her mother in law has passed away this year. This woman has regularly hosted the (in law) family Christmas Eve celebration. Every year, making 2 kinds of meat, side dishes, glog (whatever that is) and the subsequent mess that is enduring and follows. So what happens this year? The mom-in-law passes away, the (in law) family Christmas Eve host has decided to "retire" This Christmas she is going to church and have soup for dinner and go to bed and have a lovely peaceful Christmas day with NO DIRTY DISHES.

I don't know about you but it sounds good to me.

To continue, the next thing I hear (same story), this woman/Christmas Eve host was yelled at by her brother in law and his wife because, "They always have Christmas Eve at there house! Whatever will they do? Who will make the roast beast and the ham hog?"

Gee I don't know, MAYBE if they had gotten off their fat lazy butts and helped out over the years it might have been more like a holiday for everyone. At this point it sounds to me like the house elf was given clothes and the lady of the manor has a new regiume in place.

Ergo, the sense of entitlement that I am getting back to.

I don't get it. I guess my husband and I are different.....yeah no jokes, we know we are a little goofy and we are traditional and old fashioned and boring as all get out. BUT what I am getting at is that we don't believe we are entitled to anything....we rarely are asked what would work best for us, and frankly we are astounded that anyone would ask us (right like that would happen). It used to be I would post this letter thing every holiday, or send it around. Then I realized that no one was reading it anyway so it would be silly. Our son could cause enough commotion anyway he didn't need his mom acting all "entitled" to him having special treatment or understanding. SO I gave it up and just stay on him when we are out with family to make sure he is behaving himself. It is a lot of effort but well worth it in the long least no one is complaining that I know of.

Where do these people get off feeling entitled to the Christmas traditions? Not even their own traditions, but ones imposed on them. It just sound strange....I mean I can understand doing what others may ask, or just helping out when asked. But making someone host a Christmas party and then telling them what they are going to have and how it is to be and not helping???? And NO this is not me, my husband, his family or mine. It really is someone we know and are acquaintances with. So don't get worried, no one is walking all over us and we aren't over extending ourselves and trying too hard or anything stupid like that.

No one owes us anything, and we have no expectations of things because we think it is better to be grateful when something good happens. Christmas is a time to reflect, remember and miss. Yes MISS, miss people, places, things, singing with my cousins, slipping on the snow, riding a snowmobile at my aunt's farm....missing my is a time to remember the family we love and our friends and how much we love and cherish them too.

Chrismas has NO room for entitlement; otherwise known as the house elf got clothes and left the party early. IT is time for people to remember what Christmas is all about.