Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Playing the waiting game.

Tonight we are waiting.
We have waited a LONG time.

We are still waiting..... and waiting.... and waiting some more.
Most of the day today I have been waiting.

Do you want to know what for?

Our son to get home from a 2 day sports event. I am not expecting him home any time soon. It is late, and since the teachers/coaches don't have to work, naturally we shouldn't have to work the next day either.... Funny how that works out isn't it? I shouldn't be snotty....our son was invitied by the head coach to go and it is a BIG honor to be on JV and be asked to attend. Mostly, we are not used to it.

We aren't used to having our son invitied to much of anything. When we get asked to do something, or he gets asked it is almost like we try too hard to help. We want to be sucessful at whatever we are asked to do and being the over acheivers that we are there are times when we just go at stuff too hard. Same with our son; he gets nervous, and tries too hard to do well.

I think that can affect him when he is trying to make friends too, he wants to have friends SO badly and then he alienates people or they are just too ignorant to understand that people are different. His one experience with people he thought were his friends; well he discovered that their constant mocking was just a way for them to get him to get awy from them. At least that is what he thinks....and now that he has had some space from the experience, I think he was right; and his choice to move on and get away from people that could bring him down was a wise choice. Wisdom is not only for the ancients....young ones can have wisdom too.

I think if people give us a chance, or give the boy a chance they would find a highly intelligent kid who is able to communicate on many different levels and is once again trying too hard. My husband and I are making every effort to STOP trying so hard and just trying hard enough to make everything work.

We will keep you posted.

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