Friday, December 17, 2010

He did WHAT?

My son cut a class.


He missed a test and has a 4 hour detention to serve. He has to serve it before the end of the term. He was able to take the test but he still has to serve the detention. Classic.

He will learn not to be so stupid again. But he did do something atypical, and that was cutting a class without permission. In Twilight, there is a part where Edward says, "Sometimes it is healthy to cut." I don't know if it was healthy to cut class this time, but he did it and has to suffer the consequences. I have heard 2 different story versions; one is that he was having stomach issues, the other was that he and a friend decided to do a karakoke song during lunch and they had to wait. Either way he is going to have to serve his detention.

I encouraged the dean to give him a detention. I did. I think it would be good for him. He needs to learn and if this is how he learns to sit down, shut up and show up where he is supposed to be and when then so be it. Oddly enough, we have encouraged teachers, deans and staff to give our son a detention....we practically begged them to do it last year and they didn't. Now, he can't use the Aspergers excuse....or it was my stomach or the meds I am on. Nope, you have to be responsible and go to class; he is busted wide open on this one.

I almost wish detentions were like in the Harry Potter series....send the buggers out to the Forbidden Forest to help Hagrid. Now that would be perfect....and fun...and totally scary. But instead, detentions are usually in a study hall and you get to sit there and do NOTHING. At least that is the way they used to be.

I actually got one once. A detention. It was in grade school and some skanky boy tried to stick a worm down my shirt. I whaled on him with my little red bookbag. Some monitor gave me some warnings and a detention. I refused to serve the detention; after telling her it was stupid, and I wouldn't go. I  then told the teacher and the principal that they would have to make me serve it and the guy deserved the black eye he got. I didn't get in trouble and I don't even think the detention went on my record.  But will I tell my son about that...NO. Largely becuase he needs to serve this detention.

Kids with IEPS get out of alot. They don't get punished when they do dumb things, like cut class. My son deserves this detention and I fully back the school for it. If he does it again he deserves another one. Besides, we will make sure it doesn't happen again. He is grounded from activities and was informed that he would LOOSE the cable TV in his bedroom as the TV would be permanently removed and there would be no going back from that. He is more limited now, because of that cut than he ever was before.

Deep down, him doing somthing so atypical is almost exciting to me. I am shocked he did it and happy; but the fact that he is pushing the borders is a little scary. This is just a part of things we aren't used to and it requires a whole new way of laying down the law.

SO much to consider, Let us counsel.

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