Friday, June 11, 2010

reading between the lines

Most people are pretty decent at reading between the lines. Inferences, hints and other things are a part of dailylife. My sign language is currently pretty well known and part of a running joke with The Club. (It is affectionately done, not mean).

What I am getting at is that with my son, he doesn't get it when someone is tired. Seriously, I had to sit down and explain to him that I was exhausted after this week of finals and I needed a NAP. Not just a 20 minute diddly nap, a real NAP where I slept and finally felt rested when I woke up. He took a nap too, but would never admit that he felt better afterwards.

I remember as a kid being SO bone weary tired that I would go to sleep at like 7PM and wake up at 10AM the next day. There weren't many days I could get away with that but when I did people thought I was nuts.
On the other hand, my son doesn't get "tired" like that. He will keep going even when he NEEDS to drop like a ton of bricks and sleep. He doesn't understand that resting IS important. He argued with me all afternoon about the benefits of taking a nap. I finally told him that if I didn't rest he would be staying the next 72 hours in his bedroom and I would through his food under the door. Not really but come on now, we have had a rough finals week, we have quizzed, read, studied right along with him. I know MORE about the skeletal system than i ever really wanted to know or remember.

The benefits of a NAP outweighs the benefits of forcing yourself to keep going when your body feels cold, and you want to sleep. It is better than chocolate.