Thursday, June 17, 2010

Forcing exercise

I know, you aren't supposed to make your kids do anything. Maybe it has to do with being a youngest have having older parents, I don't know... but I do know that we have made the boy do stuff. My parents used to make me do stuff, I had to go places with them as a kid that I didn't want to. I wasn't allowed to go places I wanted to go, stuff like that.

Our son is forced to do a bunch of stuff he doesn't want to. He hs to go to practice, and if there is no practice he has to work out at the gym with us nightly. He has to do his homework, he has to go to summer school. He has to mow the lawn, and clean his room and, well you get the picture.

Lately, I have discovered that there are a lot of kids who don't "have to" do anything. My son has told me about these lucky saps whose parents don't make them do anything (I have yet to meet them). I thought it was an interesting concept. We have found that our son is better behaved, more relaxed and easier to get along with after a good bout of exercise, or as Alcott put it "play" first then hone in on the tasks and do the work. I tell him you don't get paid prior to doing the work. On that note, he isn't happy about us re-joining the gym, I told him if he is in sports he doesn't have to go, but if not he has ot come wiht us and work out. The joy on his face was OVERWHELMING...he was so happy to be hearing that he would get to work out with us again that he just, scowled and said, "I don't like working out with you two, you make me work hard." Really, oh you poor thing, now go get to work.

That is how it is, kind of like me having to go to dinners when I was a kid, the food was better out with my parents, than at home where I would have had to make my own dinner that night. So, I went with my parents, and I got to eat a decent meal (meaning I didn't make it).

Maybe it will sink in with the boy, ya think? 

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