Sunday, June 27, 2010

Being bad

I have been bad. Not really bad, just bad in that I have tons to write aobut and no time to do it. We have been swamped with things to do.

being swamped messes us up. Not negatively, just in that we are trying to ahrd to fit too much in a short span of  time. Those are the days when I feel like my son does... too much to do. A friend of ours, Brian King said something that i think merits repeating, "Protect your time, protect your energy, reduce the number of activities that drain your energy while increasing the activities that give you energy. Decide right now that you can't and don't need to solve every problem there is. Then you can get focused and get on with solving the problems you are good at and were put here to solve."

I think we need to slow down. We are picking and choosing what we do and how we do it. I am not stopping stuff but there are times when we are just overwhelmed, over done and over over.

Right now we are going to get thru this next week, then we are gonna figure out HOW to get where we need to be and then figure out what to do when we get there if we get there.
Kind of the "Road to Nowhere" but just not as melancholy. THis is a rather good road even if i don't like it much or think it merits my attention.

My son wants to slow down, the problem is, if he does all he will do is eat, watch TV and get fat. He doesn't need to do that so we are making him work out, run and or do something to get his butt moving. Right now it is summer school and wrestling practice. Next week it will be dropping him off at the corner and making him run home... he needs to burn it off and take responsiblity for his actions. We are working on it...kind of like we are working on everything else too.
Good night, what aren't we working on?