Saturday, May 10, 2014

10 Signs You Should Invest In Aspergers

Do you love this title?
I have been hitting dry spells here and I went to a generator website to see if they could help me out of my funk.
This cracked me up.

Investing in Aspergers.
The parents of these kids have an investment in them. Think about it. A number of years ago it was estimated that raising a child would cost about $200,000 en total. That is costs for diapers, furniture, shoes, preschool tuition, school fees, anything and everything - and for a gen kid I would wager that is right. Although I have heard prom dresses and girls shoes can be nightmarish-ally expensive.
(I still would like a pair of Manolo Blaniks or Jimmy Choo- just for fun)

I think my cuter half and I have spent marginally more on the boy over the years.
OK not marginally - A hell of a lot more than anyone we know.  The boy's overall costs are probably much more than the $200,000 total. I think we are looking at $500,00+
For example, we cover therapy costs - many times with not just a solo therapist. The boy sees multiple therapists for different things; social anxiety, meds, social skills, emotional well being, and more.Then the meds, this isn't like trying a new vitamin from GNC. this the the real stuff of what, when where and if there is an interaction with the Cal Mag Citrate, or Vitamin D. Med changes are serious business. Then if you have to "baseline" or more crudely get completely clean of all meds - well that can take 6 months to get it all out of your system.

Then actually changing of meds, then the anti anxiety issues  that could crop up and the additional therapy phone calls then the transition costs then the private school extras (which more than likely you will pay more because your student may require additional supports to get through the after school activities/. This doesn't include the additional supports to get through not only the grades, middle school and HS but college too.

This isn't just financial stuff this is the employment stuff too. We both work at jobs that are OK but we really could be managers and make more. We don't want the stress and we don't so we stay grunts.....and take the time to be grunts to help the boy do what he needs to do. We give up a lot to help the boy learn to be sucessful. We give him the additional support and are there to help him review, read, learn and pull his thoughts out. Writing a paper is a full blown deal and writing out the topics, ideas, main ideas and soforth can make a huge dent into our time.
SO you know, I am not complaining - I am just being matter of fact. It is what it is and Damn it I think the cuter half and I handle it pretty gracefully (BTW: I don't care if you don't think so if you aren't living with it you don't know a thing about it)

My God, investing in Aspergers, we invest our time....more than our time. Every single available resource we have and then more. This is not parenting for the wussy pant wimpy parent. This shit is hard core and it is hard work. The cute one and I give more than the average parent and frankly we live more for the boy than anyone else.
We work our sorry butts off every day for those who are important to us.

We have to do daily lists for the boy, just to get him to do chores, homework or even take a flipping shower. This is a lot of effort.
In fact the other AM I didn't do a list. I texted him his daily requirements....and he did some of them. We are still working out that he needs to eat. Although really for as little activity that he does I think he could skip some meals and loose the flub. But that is for another blog.

Right now we are trying to survive finals - this second semester is not nearly as awful as the first one. However emphasizing the studying is another mountain to climb. The boy is smart and was able to coast along until HS....then the work started. Now he has to work more....and he is lazy.
I still don't get the hang up with cartoons. I am still thinking of blocking the channels on the TV but then the cute one says that the screaming would begin. I dk about that but I do know that the next time I am here alone it is possible that the "Cartoon Network" may permanently disappear off our cable network.

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