Saturday, May 17, 2014

Art that brings you motivation

I have a number of friends who are artists. I am including almost all areas of the arts- music, painting, sculpture, graphics, design,

They have such an interesting perspective.

I know I called this art that brings you motivation but really I am thinking about art that inspires you to do better.
I have several favorite artists- OK more than several- OK a LOT of artists: Seurat, Gauguin, Monet, Renoir, Warhol, Kandinsky. I always wished I could paint someone's portrait. I tried several times when I was in college and thought I could be an artist. Then using Warhol as an example, the silkscreen favorites were the Marilyn series....

But then there is Seurat- thinking of the park- mapping out the sky - then the musical about making the painting and how obsessed he was....31 when he died. Uncompleted work, naturally. He was 31 - had a secret family and an ill child who died only several weeks later.

It seems like people worked harder - tried more - did more....we are so lethargic; generally speaking.
I am not judging anyone - just a general observation....
For example, this evening, the cuter half and I were out mutilating dandelions....technically we could have said that we would grow a field of them for the first taker....instead we would rather not have a garden full of them so we decided to clear them up and pull them out.
Then we found a thing I call the "Rumor Weed" (if you know your Veggie Tales YOU know what this is) this thing has big, huge nasty looking leaves.... it can GROW though anything.. I swear it grew under our driveway and then sprouted up under our garden hose is a nasty piece of work and weed killer doesn't work on it....nor does hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol or comet.

I got desperate....and I wanted to see what would happen.
Which, if you think about it too is what happened to the great artists. They wanted to see what would happen. Whether an impressionist, a dadist or a portrait artist...see the reaction and what would happen was a big deal.

I am not as nearly as dramatic.However, lately I think that my drama with the : "Rumor Weed" is up there with some kind of performance art....
Digging the ick out...the depth of the root made me think of the "Rumor Weed" and now...well it is something more. Digging the ick out with the boy....well it is digging the ick out...he can be icky - unconfident, unhappy, unwilling, uncooperative, unpleasant....or he can do better than that.
Like the artists did - he can do more, be more and try more than what other people think he can do.
He can persevere.

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