Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Most people are bi-lingual and need to clean up the karma

I never realized that most people are bi-lingual within their own language.
You are.
Did you know?
I didn't until this week.

OK what happened: I had to call a village engineer. He was fluent in "Engineer" and not so fluent in "English".

Doesn't that happen a lot with miscommunication and our kids?

As parents of these kids we speak several idioms: we are usually fluent in "Special Education", then really good at "IEP" and then the most fun of all "Aspie-speak". At the same time we have to speak whatever terms we use at work; mine used to be "Lexis", "Westlaw" and OCLC. Each place (or employer or country) has it's own language - terms used regularly and often- same as what we as parents talk about all the time.

If you don't speak the language that someone else is using that means that miscommunication can occur. That is what happened to me. The engineer spoke "Engineer"- and he informed me that he had explained what he had to say in the most simple engineering terms possible (which meant I am a stupid moron and have no understanding). Unfortunately, his lack of regular old "English" including the use of idioms and sarcasm was lacking- I have heard that it is possible he used to speak "English" and has long forgotten.

Oddly enough I did understand what he had to say (he was a condescending, arrogant, berk- I was good...I didn't tell him so nor did I tell him he was stupid).

He has a hang up with sump pumps, electricity, and controlling nature. His theory of pushing water up a slight incline with sump pumps and normal water pressure may work for a while. However with the environmental changes going on his theory won't last for long.....and he will spend the rest of his career fighting nature instead of trying to work with it.

Which means that in most cases miscomunication happens more often than we think. Many times with out intending to be offensive or rude.

Do you remember in Harry Potter, (I know I refer to JK Rowling a lot- she had some zingers), "--yet, sadly, accidental rudeness occurs alarmingly often," Dumbledore finished the sentence gravely. "Best to say nothing at all..."

I wonder how often we go with saying nothing at all? I know the cuter half and I used to ask people to tell us one positive thing the boy did at school when he started mainstreaming. Just one. We used to tell teachers and case managers that we never did hear from some of them without having some rude thing about what the boy did wrong but they never could come up with one positive thing to say. If they couldn't say one positive thing we usually terminated the conversation.

We have to have something to go on.
Believe me we will take anything at all- we will. It can be a little  or a lot but we are quite satisfied with a little kindness, a little generosity of spirit... a little bit of compassion maybe a karma cleanse.
I know, I have always said that compassion begins at home. If we don't have compassion in the home then it is unlikely that we would have compassion anywhere else. (Karma cleanse? well I would start in the closet and work my way out)

I wonder how many people speak "Compassion"?

Tonight, I am going to end with a picture of Mother Theresa- I saw it of FB and shared it (so those on the wall are already tired of it)  - I know my roommate from college liked it and I am hoping that it will get some additional exposure here- it is a nice idea and although I am not particularly religious any more I really do respect certain religious people who are sincere in their beliefs.

Essentially we are to do good anyway- the cuter half and I see it this way - no matter what language or idioms we speak we need to be able to live with ourselves and be able to sleep at night. As long as we can do that - well we are doing quite well then.

Should that engineer who wants to defy nature be able to sleep at night? I suppose he can but I doubt he would - people who behave the way he does and condescends to others are generally the most miserable and is only a matter of time before karma will come around and bite him on the ass.

So whatever you want to call it - just do your best and keep your karma clean, remember to be bilingual and  if you can manage all of that you will be good.

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