Thursday, April 24, 2014

IT is official-

my Aspie son knows me too well.

Tonight's premise-
I was looking for some paperwork. This is stuff that I knew I had but God-knows where- L LOOKED THROUGH EVERYTHING- I did- I went through paperwork that needed filed (and yes I finally got around to filing it), I went through old documents...I looked in boxes. I looked in photo albums (still don't have the boy's HS years stuff done- London came first).

The boy came out of the shower and said, "You know Mom I think all of that is with your scrap-booking. I think that some of the things were framed at the graduation party. Look in the scrap-booking stuff you haven't done yet."

While being the good Mom that I am - and cursing under my breath the entire time- I found it.

I found the paperwork- mixed in with a large pile of wrestling pictures and stuff from the head coach.
I knew it was there....and the boy knew where it was...and he won't even look at the books until they are done if then.

And people say that Aspies don't pay attention to what is going on around them.....this kid knows that his Mom is an eternal scrapbooker and put all of his paperwork for his senior year in a box.
Which technically is better than what my Mom did (this is really funny- I think it is a hoot); she handed me about 6 boxes in varying sizes and told me to make up my own baby-book. So I did - from birth to age 18...with documentation if I had it. It is done and as my Mom says, "This is much nicer than I could have done. It is better that you did it."

It is funny- how many people get to make their own baby books?

At least the boy isn't going to have to do all that- I have the worst of it done he is all caught up through middle school-
I need to finish the sports part.....I want to have the wresting from when he started in 6th grade and go through HS. I would do track too but I have NO pictures of that- track is called "organized chaos" and I never could find my son when he was supposed to be doing the throwing- that and he really couldn't wait to drop track.

So I am focusing on wrestling.

ANYHOW- my point really is that the boy KNOWS what Mom is up to and knows what I do with the paperwork- And yes we keep it - who wouldn't be proud of a kid who is doing really well?
You might not think your Aspie knows but he/she will come out and shock the _______ out of you when it does.

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