Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Introducing Troubles

Tonight's post is about Troubles.

Troubles is our middle kitty; or as the cuter half says, "Second in charge superior male tabby cat." Troubles is a big boy. Really big. He has the markings of a Maine Coon and the purr of a freight train. He is a piggy when it comes to eating and will gobble up almost anything. He has an affinity for olive oil, butter, bread, and pizza. He also likes tortellini and a variety of cheeses.

Troubles is trouble. As a kitten, he had a thing for jumping on a kitchen counter and knocking off the wine glasses hanging on the wrack. He also has a LONG memory. Troubles never forgets. Ever. He used to be a lap kitty but then one night accidentally scratched my leg and I kicked him off my lap. He never got on my lap again. I regret pushing him off; he was a young impressionable baby.

He had ear mites so badly we thought he was deaf. He was a shelter kitty, and we spent the first 3 months treating him for infections, mites, sinus issues amongst other things.
His eating habits have, as mentioned, always been a tad extraordinary. He did get into the boy's meds once. Troubles was taken to the vet and monitored for a day.....he also would eat non food items- broken Christmas Ornaments, pieces of plastic, fur, anything. Not so much anymore, we leave out cat grass for him and the other two to seems to help.
We did regular diets with cans of green beans purreed into the kitty food for all 3 kitties to dig in with.
I really need to start that up again. Troubles needs the fiber.

Anyway, Troubles has always been a little different. His personality is that individual; which sounds kind of silly...."A cat's a cat for 'll that." But he is very different. I have had cats, pretty much all my life. I have never met one like Troubles. We have a younger cat, who we call Garfy or Kitten; Troubles then started with his gender issues by being a Momma Kat to Kitten. I tried to explain to the vet that Troubles thought he was a girl kitty and we may have to help Troubles with that as the vet was concerned that Troubles belly was very red- then vet thought I was nuts.....but really I have heard that a male cat will take over the nurturing role with a kitten. I don't know how common that is but I do know that Troubles is the Momma kitty in this house.

Troubles knows his own path. He does his thing.

The boy came home today and told me that most people he is "acquaintances" with at school ignore him. His friends don't but other people do- as he put it, "Just because I am different, they think I am stupid and I don't know they are ignoring me. I know I am different and I don't care if people ignore me any more."

It is times like this I wish the boy were more like Troubles. Troubles is happy if we pay attention to him or if we don't. Troubles doesn't really care; his purr is always loud, his meow is there to greet us if we sit near him.
The boy does care- deeply. Which is probably why he gets angry at home- people ignore him all day at school, and then he comes home and yells and the cute one and I and then we don't pay as much attention either. The yelling at us wears thin.....although we do try to talk about WHY the boy thinks like he does....mostly it backfires.

It makes me wonder though....maybe I should encourage the boy to be more like Troubles. Maybe then, like Rhett in Gone with the Wind the boy will be able to say, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

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