Sunday, April 14, 2013

Getting plonked on the head with reality.

This weekend has been a real cultural experience.

Those who know me well know that when I say that I usually mean that this weekend sucked royally and was a super drag.
After some unexpected things midweek, I had left the office on Friday feeling like something the cat dragged in (explanation- I was sicker than sick). I got a phone call...nothing unusual but the news from the call was something I wasn't expecting for a few more months.

Then some other things happened and it turns out that things I didn't think I would have to do I have to do and I don't want to but it seems like that is what is gonna work out that way and I need to do things that I would rather have someone else do but no one else can; I am gonna do it anyway. Frankly, I know of a number of people who aren't gonna be happy about it and you know what? I could give a rats ass what they think. One of those things where you are damned if you do or don't so why worry.

Ok now say the above paragraph 10x fast.

On another level, not only did we get to Tar'get 2x, and Menards and worked on fixing the back screen door, the gutter, the fountain that had sprung a leak (rubberized paint, who knew) then the new lock on the patio door the yard art needs updating (no good garbage pick the economy blows) Putting up the stuff for the boys coming party and we are prepping the yard.

Then, we heard the old gentleman next door passed away in January- he was a nice older guy and we will miss him. I was usually the person who told him to "stop" and I would send the boy or the cuter half over to do things, we would clean his gutters, rake his lawn....try to help as much as we could. I would tell the boy he had to go shovel his front walk, or his drive or whatever because the gentleman was older and it was the nice thing to do. All we can hope for at this point is that we don't get stuck with another McMansion in the neighborhood.....God knows we don't need another major flooding issue from sump pumps that run 24/7.

Life changes.

The cuter half and I werer discussing group homes. Yet another is trying to open in a nearby town and the neighbors are in an uproar, "Not in my neighborhood you won't. The housing prices will go down." Gosh, when have we heard THAT before?

Anway, back to the changes- there are times when life just makes its own alterations. It doesn't mean it is anything bad, but as we tell the boy sometimes life changes with out our permission. We can roll with it or we can let it break us out of shape.

Right now I am trying tofigure out where Sunday went. It feels like I missed out on the entire day.

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