Friday, November 16, 2012

credit cards and charity

Its lovely to be generous. People look at generous people and think that they are wonderful.
Bill Gates, Oprah, Sergy Binn, there are more. Look at the Philanthropy 50

We get a TON of offers for the boy to save the planet and order their crap.

"Order this and get a FREE gift."
Yeah, I'll order whatever it's good to help the less fortunate. (we are trying to train for DISCERNMENT- not look at the gift I get to have)

We are trying to train the boy otherwise. Being generous, making absurd generous offers isn't being nice, it make you sound like an utter moron. Most people don't realize that people like the boy and the elderly are taken advantage of by disreputable (and some reputable) charities.
We are seeing this very dangerous potential in our home. It is time for some discernment but it is also time for the lessons in Common Sense.

We are telling the boy to only support what he can see. For example, his church, his school, his environment.....that is where he should keep his charity....for now. I think using a group called Charity Watch should help-

Getting the junk mail- we are getting we are getting really good at removing his name, our name and any variations from junk mail lists.

Take a look at these links if you are concerned

You don't HAVE to support what you don't know. It doesn't make you less of a person. It's your money and it is your right to be picky. YOU get to pick where your money goes and which groups you think meet up with YOUR expectations.

Help the people that need it....go to the Gideons, The American Red Cross, local shelters and childrens home and give your donations there.....volunteer, do your thing. Make your time and money count.
Don't donate if you don't know WHO you are sending money to. What a waste that  you can't discuss what donations you have sent.
THIS is what we talk to the boy about. Stuff like this makes up about 90% of our recyling. Save a tree, get off a snail mail list.

A basic resource to help figure out the donation process:
  • 1. Determine how much you want to donate annually. Meet with an accountant or tax preparer to identify an appropriate amount for your personal financial  situation.
  • 2. Decide whether you want to donate to just one charity or to multiple charities.
  • 3. Contact the charities and ask them to provide you with information about the donation process.
  • 4. Determine, with your accountant or tax preparer, the optimal time to donate the money or property.
  • 5. Give your donation.
  • 6. Ask for a receipt that details your donation.
  • 7. Keep records of the value of any property you donate.

  • Read more: How to Donate Money to Charity |

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