Sunday, November 25, 2012

juice glasses

Do you remember the juice glasses? You know the ones, that were from the Welch's jelly? They were little, cute and extremely collectible. The Muppets were on some, or some funny cartoons, Archie, Josie and the Pussycats, Veronica, Betty, these were fun and they were very cool.
Everyone had at least one in their kitchen as a kid.
My Mom had several, mainly for my Dad and I. She always wanted us to use the juice glasses for juice. I don't remember doing so but feeling like I had completed a double dare by not using the correct glass for whatever I was drinking.
That was back when there were the juice glasses, the milk glasses, and the water glasses (the largest ones).

Essentially I was learning economy in my Mom's kitchen. Unlike my siblings, there wasn't a whole lotta cooking going on when I was a kid. My brother was in grad school and my sisters moved out, well I say I was 5, but maybe by the time I was 8. I really don't remember them being at home. By the time my brother moved out dinner was at a banquet hall where my dad was networking or I ate at home where used those Lipton rice things and ate an entire packet.....even then cooking was not my thing.

The juice glasses were a lesson in life in a weird sort of way. My Mom was teaching me to not drink all the orange juice. She also didn't like us drinking from the container.....I know my Dad and I did that more than we should have.

Right now we are teaching the boy to economize. He is learning that drinking all the orange juice is going to make him rather unpopular in the family. Last year he learned not to drink all the peppermint soy milk, being personally responsible went far with him. It took him a LONG time to earn back all the $$ he payed out to me to replace what he took. I am still holding him responsible for his behavior. Maybe if more parents did that their kids wouldn't be as messed up as they are.

The funny (not funny Ha-Ha) thing is, people thought I went to far with that punishment (recently I was called "f------- psychotic"). In lieu of that punishment, the boy still banged back about 10 lbs of expensive chocolates this summer (at $15.00 a pound he will be lucky to ever see me buying that kind of candy again). He can be a little berk. And yes I may be a little nuts about stuff like that but let me tell you being responsible, considerate and respectful goes a long way. In a family unit.....not taking what is for everyone is being considerate.
I can still remember asking my Mom if I could eat or have the last Matt's Cookie, or the last drink of juice in the fridge. I was taught that you ASK if someone else wants the last one BEFORE you take it. The boy leaving 5 chocolates, or enough for one glass of juice then going off about being tempted to take whatever it was is a load of horse caca.

Being polite and personally responsible for your behavior goes a long way at home and at a job. Making my son be responsible is a big deal. Maybe the person who thinks I am nuts had never been responsible for themselves ever. Blaming other people or not being responsible is what I know my son does. Regularly. His inability to control his compulsions is what gets his sorry butt into trouble most of the time. That and his mouth.....his, "what did i do?" whine really doesn't get very far when the cuter half and I have been informed we are "terrible excuses for parents." or "we are pathetic and mean." Normally that is when I am out the door and either hiding somewhere- many times in the car listening to the radio or as I did on Thanksgiving, sitting on the porch swing and watching the rain come in over the fields.

Half the time I don't think that the boy realizes what he is saying. He doesn't use the brains God gave him to think that being unkind or cruel is going to have an effect of some sort. To him it is just words. He still doesn't realize the effect his words have on others. Which goes back to him being personally responsible.
Whether it be the juice, peppermint soy milk or $15.00 a pound chocolates, or his words....or my questionable (at best) use of language (as aforementioned I can curse with the best of them).
The boy has a ways to go, people tell us he will get there. I hope so. The cuter half and I are about wore out....

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