Tuesday, November 20, 2012

chocolates and thorns

Things with the boy either go really really good or not so much.

Right now we are dealing with the chocolates part which depending on how you think that might be a pretty good place to be.

We are dealing with a class at school that forces the boy to think outside the aspie box. He has to read, infer and correlate materials in this lit class to fit in with what is going on. After discussion with his teacher I started going thru the assignment. I can see why he doesn't get it....some of the terms have NEVER come up for him before.

Really before you can explain to him how to do the work getting the definitions is a must.

I have scribbled, made notes discusssed materials and have talked about why this is important. We are looking at the beginings of journalism....using terms like "Libel", "Muckracker", "Mass Media" "Penny Newspapers"

There are more.

It made me realize how few people actually look outside themselves. It is so comfortable to think that there are no people who are disabled, elderly, or living differently than we do. It is easy.
Then when you are sitting there trying to explain to your kid why certain papers are more conservative, or liberal or whatever it makes things more complicated....and that goes back to why he didn't understand what was going on.

I guess we could say we are in the "chocolate" part of life right now.

I dk. I got home from work today and fell asleep on the couch with Trouble.....he sat and purred so pretty....hard not to fall asleep with that going on. I don't think we are in an easy bit at all. there are too many other things going on... the cuter half and i have enough stress to last us for years.

Nah, won't mention it here.
Maybe later.

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