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 Over the summer there was an evening that I was reminded of an evening at home with my parents:

I was in high school, the fall was a busy time for us three. My Dad was into his meetings and committees and my Mom was cutting edge, she worked from home and was busy doing that and her other committees and such. I had band and some church stuff going on (this was back in the day when I did go to church regularly).

This particular time I was sick with a terrible cold - and being the way I am - I hate taking any kind of medicine. During the beginning of the afternoon, my parents would be doing there usual prep for the evening thing - they had a dinner to go to and since finals were coming up I was staying at home trying to get over my cold. It was my usual doozy of a cold, I couldn't breathe and I felt like a sledge hammer was in my temples.

First off my Mom comes in the kitchen, "Take this cold medicine and go to bed. Dinner is in the refrigerator. Heat it up and eat" (most likely this was a rice and bean meal since I didn't usually eat meat unless forced to). For once, I do as I am told and I take the medication. To show how AWFUL I felt - me taking any kind of medication is like a cold day in hell. I really have to feel terrible (this still stands- ask the cuter one about me on my  pneumonia meds a few years back).

Then my Dad walked into the kitchen, "Here take this and don't argue back. We have no time for you to have a cold right now."  Dad hands me more cold medicine, I am trying to tell him I already had some. Mom brought it and I did really take it... he wasn't having any, "I know your Mom did not bring you anything. She is getting ready to go and you won't take it unless I argue with you. We need to go - take the medicine." So to stop further argument, I took it.


I was out of it....I have NO clue what went on that evening - my friends told me I was pretty wild with silly conversations.... I have no idea what I said or did that evening but I do know I slept and got up and no more cold the next day.

Tonight feels like the same kind of thing. Only now we are SO busy we have not a clue what we said or what we did or anything.

We have had quite the days lately....just a lot going on.

Last summer the princess has had some big ole changes - which means we have made big ole changes. Her changes were a little hard to take and frankly could have been handled in a better fashion than they were. But it appears that she is doing what she can and is doing OK so I can't complain about what happened then but be satisfied with what is going on now.

On the less significant portion; for us it appears our holidays will be changing - and other things that are minor to others but a big deal to us (celebrating birthdays, little parties; we are catering now) - we don't really know HOW we will manage the holiday changes or what we will do but it appears that we will be handling HOW we celebrate a little differently. The cuter half and I are TRYING to figure out all the details but it is likely that we won't get very far until the time actually arrives.

During the summer, the boy had to drop a class for the first time ever. He told us that he was relived he doesn't have to go back. The prof was too esoteric for an Aspie. We should have known that a class with no book and short cuts discussed in class but not in the book or notes the boy had....well this class was a time bomb waiting to happen... and pretty much it did. I think it is interesting HOW a teacher can pretty much make or break a class. This guy appeared to be hell-bent on getting this particular Aspie out of his classroom. THIS IS a Mom's perception but reading the stuff in class and this teacher's attitude towards the boy's penmanship (or lack thereof) and not accepting dictated work- well what is one to think? Thankfully it appears that this semester is tough but it is going much better and he is really liking these classes.

Anyway at that point during the summer we needed a night off. There are advantages to having the Binny's club card and although we aren't big drinkers some evenings do call for a change in the atmosphere. It had been a good night for a rum/coffee/mint drink. Then the cuter half brought me a grasshopper. Yup; I was a two-fisted drinker that evening......which brought back that time with my parents and the cold medicine. Although the rum/mint/coffee didn't taste like medicine and the grasshopper was great - I was pretty much trashed out by the end of the evening.

I am SUCH a lightweight.

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