Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thinking me some pretty pink and blue thoughts*

I have been thinking alot of thoughts.

Over the weekend we were assisting the boy with a purge of his bedroom. In polite society one would say "cleaning". I call it a major purge.
I found yet another copy of "House at Pooh Corner." Obviously it has been a NUMBER of years since the last purge and stories by Milne are automatically considered mine no matter that I have the complete set and series in one volume.

The boy did well. He got rid of a LOT of stuff. Mostly books this time....and they were age appropriate things to be got rid of. Doing this took a lot of time and the cute one and I stayed out of the room to give him some time and space and when he was overwhelmed and done with the project, yes we finished it but we gave him his space. Which may NOT be a good idea but knowing when to stop....for him, is a sign of maturity.

He is still learning to use his time appropriately. We  had another late night with homework and he finally finished after supper....much later than the cute one and I would prefer. He needs to use his time when traveling to classes to go over his homework instead of fart around on his I-pad.....JUST SAYING.

Ironically, we are all learning to use our time wisely.
Mostly the cute one and I are exhausted. I am not choosing the best books to read but I will say that when we are mentally, emotionally and physically wiped out....the lack of sense is overwhelming.
I am really tired. I don't make the best reading choices when I get like this.....

Technically we haven't had a lot going on....but mentally there has been a cartload of donkey dung all over the place. The cute one and I don't have the energy to keep up with everything we need to do.

I never thought the boy would wipe us out so. We are totally exhausted. There is little or no strength in either the cute one or I after a night of arguing about homework, what needs done and the fact that the boy is angry because he hasn't been exposed to cultural references on the Simpsons.....who watches that anyway? (not me....totally not my kind of programming).

Later in the week:
The boy has been good about doing his homework and wants to do more on his own....I keep thinking back to the doc that told us that the boy is developmentally delayed by about 5 years. Considering that the boy's verbal didn't start until he was five that sort of makes sense but is still really frustrating. If he is age wise almost an adult then view point wise he could still be in middle school.

I need more "pink and blue thoughts" and maybe a kitty break with my co-author Garfield.

*Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

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