Thursday, August 23, 2012

Going Ballistic

Fifty Shades of Ballistic.

I used this term this week to describe what will happen if my son doesn't graduate on time and I get a phone call the week prior.....I think this fear is ingrained because it almost happened to me in college. The registrar called me into her office to tell me she was missing credits. I had to prove I had taken classes and have the report cards. Fortunately I kept all my records with me at school and I was able to show that I had my credits that were transferred that she had "forgotten" about. I graduated but I was terrified that my diploma would be pulled from me before I got back to my chair.

I have read these popular books this summer and although I have read them to escape some of the stressors of life I am finding that the author really hit the escapism route for me really well. I am not so much into the "descriptions" shall we say but into the fact that someone can purchase Louboutins and not go into debt beyond compare.....or feel comfortable enough to look great and not have stress and dried out hair and circles under the eyes and dealing with the fact that the cuter half refuses to turn on the _____ airconditioning making it even harder for me to breathe.....

We came back from a was wonderful...relaxing, cool, calm, no bears this time.
As soon as we hit the border of home my allergies have been acting up since we got here (hot, humid and is a combo to fell the weakest)....I feel and sound like Elmer Fudd.

This was the first week back to school. The boy is loving classes- and drving the cuter half and I spare. I got a phone call about a waiver for a class he doesn't need, and then found out there were other things the boy was missing.....which is when I used the, "If I find out that he is not getting on with his degree I will be going fifty shades of ballistic at the ceremony."

Anyhow, we are still in the asking questions phase and getting yelled at and told "It's none of your business." Most of this is the typical age of the boy....he is trying to separate from us and not draw attention to himself. Then to have the parents that he has....we are not patient or tolerant or willing to suffer fools with a bulling fact we are not even discussing it with the school. No point. Straight to the big guns for us.

Probably the funniest part of the week is that I am missing the old me. The quiet girl who didn't say much and hid and blended into the wall....then I went to high school and college and that kind of ended....although I wouldn't get goofy with people unless I was comfortable with them. Now I just say it..... my Mom tells me I am the most like her mother of all of her daughters. I never met my grandma but I have always thought that being like her wasn't a bad thing.

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