Thursday, August 30, 2012

Golden Book Archive

This would be an interesting project.

The Racine Public Library is collecting Golden Books. If you happen to have any please send them over

Check out this story on Fox is a cute one.

Below are the titles that are missing:

5 Pennies to Spend

Little Golden Holiday Book

About the Seashore

Little Golden Paper Dolls

Animal Alphabet from A to Z

Little Indian

Animals Merry Christmas

Little Pond in the Woods

Aren't You Glad

Little Yip-Yip and his Bark

Baby Looks

Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather

Baby's Day Out

Make Way for the Thruway

Baby's House

My Baby Brother

Big Little Book

My Baby Sister

Blue Book Fairy Tales

My Dolly and Me

Buster Cat Goes Out

My Snuggly Bunny

Busy Timmy

Name for Kitty

Captain Kangaoo's Surprise Party

Naughty Bunny

Captain Kangaroo and the Panda

Neatos and the Litterbugs: Mystery of the Missing Ticket

Cat in the Hat, the Movie

New Kittens

Charmin' Chatty

Nursery Rhymes

Day at the Playground

Open up my Suitcase

Double Trouble: a Story About Twins (Sesame Street)

Party Pig

Elmo's New Puppy

Pebbles Flinstone

Feelings From A to Z

Petey and I

Friendly Bunny

Pets for Peter

Funny Bunny

Pierre Bear

Gerald McBoing Boing

Pony for Tony

Good Little, Bad Little Girl

Ready Set Go (Sesame Street)

Happy Birthday

Rootie Kazootie Baseball Star

Huckleberry Hound Safety Signs

Roy Rogers and the Indian Sign

Hurry-Up Halloween Costume

Roy Rogers and the New Cowboy

I have a Secret

Rusty Goes to School

Indian Indian

Sly Little Bear

Jamie Looks

Susie's New Stove

Just Watch Me

Tenggren's Jack and the Beanstalk

Let's go Shopping with Peter and Penny

This is My Body (Little Critters)

Little Benny Wanted a Pony

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Little Boy and the Giant

Tom and Jerry Photo Finish

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