Thursday, February 10, 2011

what are we doing here?

This is a common question?

"Whither thou goest?"

Through the ages we have all asked where we are going, what we are doing and why. I am doing that now more than ever. The boy is being a "typical teenager" he doesn't listen to anyone about anything. That can be bad and good. At least we know we aren't special, he isn't listening to his teachers or counselors either. Being a teen means being dumb, making gobs of mistakes (that most would NEVER admit to), and just being rather dopey overall (I should know).

I keep wondering how we ended up with this.....we both work our heads off, and are barely making it. I don't get it....we follow all the "rules" that are set up for us and we still get the shaft (gotta love Christmas Vacation, good quotes). Really I started all this deep thinking about a week or so ago when I heard that the economy was getting better and unemployment was going down by 2.%....HELLO! Yes the economy has changed, businesses are getting smart and going temp and not hiring full time. No one WANTS to be on unemployment but plenty of us are or have been and it is what it is....there are things happening all over the world, the economy is in the tank everywhere and yet the people who are actually doing all the work are the ones paying the bills. Again, it is what it is....all we can do is out best and make the best of a yuchy situation.

This morning I read a comment on The Daily Mail, about how Americans shouldn't try to take over the British monarchy and claim them as their own. What a dope.....who would want them? They are bringing in tourist dollars to England, and yes I would go there if I could. Heavens, I wanted to live there when I was younger- but the thing is, certain things in each culture brings in money to help support the culture itself. We need to appreciate the culture we have....make up trips....try going to see ALL the Presidential museums in this that would be a feat wouldn't it? We saw Gerald Ford's and let me tell you, for a 2 year president....his museum was SUPER COOL....the interactive bits and the was impressive to say the least. It makes me want to consider driving about and looking for the rest of the presidential is an interesting way to learn about polictics of the time.

Yeah I know, this all has nuthin to do with autism and aspergers and all that good stuff. That is another kettle of fish...... Maybe I wanted to prove that we can talk about lots of stuff here and just think some thinks.

As far as the boy goes, well he is OK....doing the aforementioned dumb stuff and we are hoping we can nip in in the bud again.....some of it repeats itself and gets stale from trying to NOT deal with it or maybe just not think about it. What I mean by dumb stuff is doing his homework and not handing it in. Stuff like that. I have no patience with that garbage. Which denotes that I need more patience, but there are times........

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