Saturday, February 19, 2011

C's "Attack Plant"

Plants can attack. Worms do turn on their assailants. Kittens have claws.

The written word is something to be feared and respected. Although I am not famous for being the mosr patient and tolerant person around I will say that I AM CAREFUL about what I write to people. I rarely write letters, I mostly e-mail or call.

At this juncture I am discouraging my son to putting things, feelings or thoughts in writing. I don't know if that is right or wrong. It has been my experience that writing what you think about someone, something or someplace can be hazardous at best. I beleive, for now, keeping his thoughts "generic" is the best way for him to work through some of the weirdness that happens when you are an Aspie.

Now, what I mean by weirdness, is HIS perceptions AND OTHER peoples perceptions of him. Just because ONE Aspie may do things one way doesn't mean that all of them do it the same way. Living on the edge like the song or movie, is really a matter of perspective.

People don't do things the same way. For example, there are people who are able to get themselves out there....really promote and make their thoughts known. Then there are others who fly under the radar of the "socialism" in the special ed community. We prefer under the radar. We rarely put ourselves out front. We don't need to. But some do, and it doesn't mean we are all the same.

The other day, I was talking to someone. This person didn't even remember who I was. It really bothered me; we had allowed him unlimited access to our lives for several months last year. Not the vanity part, no one knows who I am outside of my own little world and I am good with that. The fact that this person was telling me about how bad I was as a person and had told me I wanted fame from having a kid on the spectrum. Excuse me? Hello, this was a choice made for me you over stuffed moron. I didn't pick this for myself. Not one person I know would choose this on their own....well except for my husband. He did, and does every day. The thing is, when you can't remember someone's name, intentionally calling a person's kid by ANOTHER name is generally not a good way to go. This person got what he wanted, he upset me, and got me to say "See ya, and not on the other side." Insensitive dolt.

Oddly enough, we are surrounded by these kinds of people regularly (insensitive dolts). It is where it is unexpected that really gets you. It does, people saying, "Your life is unbeleivable and I won't beleive it without proof." What, you really want to read an early IEP and a med eval? Give me a break. Thomas doubted Jesus and you know what, the Bible even says that there are greater places in heaven for those who believe without seeing.

My son beleives in himself, God and some other stuff....maybe even Billy Crystal after watching the movie tonight. Who knows, but I do know this. WE ARE SUCESSFUL. we have taught him to work with what he isn't perfect. Why should it be? God never promised us perfection, Jesus never did either....we just have to beleive. And not what some overstuffed person tells us to do trying to "play holy". Whatever. Billy Graham did it better than any of those people and that man was a real man of faith. SO was Mother Teresa.

"We cannot beging to understand the suffering of others unless we suffer ourselves. Pain and suffering have to come into our lives, but suffering begets life in the soul. It is a sign of love becuase this is how God the Father proved that he loved the world; by giving his Son to die for us and expiate our sin. The Spirit pours love, peace and joy into our hearts. proportionalety to our emptying ourselves of self-indulgence, vanity, anger and ambition, and to our willingness to shoulder the cross of Christ" - Mother Teresa