Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Church of the 3 Tabbies.

There is a new church, it is brand new, called the "Church of the 3 Tabbies". It meets at our house. On the bed, in the master bedroom.
The 3 Tabbies are very active in their church. They do charity work, like cleaning the clothes and moving them to the hall where they are gathered and washed. The Deacon Trouble goes through and decides what offering dishes are empty and when they need to be refilled. Brother Bert brings the sacrifices, he catches the mousies and decides when to work through the sacrificial rights. Litte Garfield does the music, he sings out in the middle of the night asking us to "Go to church and say your prayers."

This is a small church. Not many members, the building is old and the place is rather decrepit. But the tabbies that work the church are very devout. They pray regularly, they contribute to their environment, and they remember the lost. They pray for them, and ask them to help with providing the green beans and food sources for those who need it.

How many of us are in need of the Church of the 3 Tabbies? How many churches are in need of the same? What would the community be if there was a Brother Bert and a Little Garfield, to bring in the needs of the community and still love everyone with kitty hugs and purrs?

Maybe it is as simple as all that.
And the little children shall lead them; maybe it is the same as being as simple as your cat, dog, bird, goldfish, and just BE!